Lead yourself into the future day! AKA year 6 conference.

Recently, my school’s two campuses came together as one big group of students and staff, for a year 6 conference with lots of fun (but difficult) activities that required collaboration, cooperation, and our core PLA, connectedness. In between a few of the activities, we got to have our usual breaks and time to play, but the other students from the other campus got to play with us, too, and i actually have a friend there as well, so I got to play with another friend at that break time. The activities we did were: building the tallest tower we could with only newspaper, and masking tape, without it falling down at the end of the ten minutes of making it. Another activity we did was making the tallest tower made out of cups, using 4 cups, string, scissors, and rubber bands. The rules where, none of your body parts(including clothes could touch the cups, and the scissors couldn’t touch them either. And the last one we did was a planking competition, where the majority of your group had to be planking at one time, while the rest of the group was subbed off. If the majority of the group was subbed, then you are out. 

My favourite one that we did, was the cup tower game, so that is the one I’ll be telling you about. 

We had a few different ideas. This is what they are: first the kids from the other campus had an idea to make a sort of mechanism where 4 pieces of string were attached to a rubber band when four people pulled out, they would grab the cup and keep stacking, but unfortunately, those four people wouldn’t release at the same time, so we had to try something else. That’s where my idea came in. I related my idea back to the previous/first idea, and just used my index and middle finger on both hands to stretch out the rubber band and grabbed the cups using that same base idea, but adapted it so that one person could do it. Then, I think we got lazy or something, because everyone ditched that idea, and just put he rubber bands around the cup and held it by the band, not technically touching the cup with their hand. 

Overall the lead yourself into the future day was really fun, and I can’t wait until the next one in term 2!

Crocodylus Porosus aka saltwater crocodile

Feared by many people, this dangerous amphibian is from the largest family of reptile of all. The largest crocodile on the market, this green, scaly, beady eyed hunter is the most notorious killer in the reptile kingdom. The Saltwater Crocodile can weigh up to 453.6 kilos, grow to 4.5 meters long, and live to 70 years old. This crocodile lives in billabongs, swamps, or just any murky saltwater. With it’s long, adapted tail, the saltwater crocodile can propel itself through the water incredibly quickly. This fantastic animal has many different kinds of adaptations. Let’s look at these three. 

The three kinds of adaptations are:

Structural: How the animal is built, eg; cartilage flaps to prevent water from getting in their lungs when submerged 

Behavioural: How the animal behaves, eg; eat rocks to help them sink to the riverbed

Physiological: How the animal is built on the inside/can’t see, eg; Microscopic receptors to pick up movement in the water. 

Look at the table below to see the adaptations I got.

What is your favourite animal? What is one adaptation of that animal? What type?

My favourite book chat from this year…

My favourite book chat book is skulduggery pleasant by Derek Landy, because I had already read the book, and had continued on with the series, and got to keep reading the I was up to as a book chat. I think this book’s genre is either fantasy, or mystery; or possibly both. Basically, there is a girl named Stephanie, her uncle dies, she investigated it, and along the way, meeting an alive, walking, talking skeleton who practises elemental magic. Elemental magic is one of the three magic disciplines. There is elemental, adept, and necromancy. Elemental magic is basically just controlling the elements, adept is stuff like psychics, a combat-based one, and probably the weirdest, knowing all human languages. (Boring 😁) And necromancy is shadow/death magic. I enjoyed this book because it’s a real page turner, and it’s so intense in the action scenes. 

What’s your favourite book that you’ve read? Why do you say that?

Production reflection

Yesterday, on the 28th of November, we had our year 5 production. This play is called Hanging On To The Bottom Of The World, written by Monty python, was a comedy. In the auditions, I got a main roll: Eddie McGuire. I am in scenes 2,3,4,5,6, and 17. As Eddie McGuire, I got to be a commentator. That meant that I used a microphone, and wore a tuxedo. My character was very funny. I kept on calling all of the brides (Australian states) beautiful. The story was basically about Australian history. In this play, there were many metaphors; such as, the brides were Aussie states, representing the colonies coming together to make Australia. Hence the line that Bruce says, the six colonies coming together to make, Australia! Another one, is when WA was late to the ‘wedding’, because WA was thinking of pulling out of the arrangement, because they didn’t want to share their wealth and land. Another one would be the cricket match, representing the debate between the pro-federationists vs. the anti-billites. 

Some PLAs I used were: Courage when I went on stage (I was super nervous), Reflection, when I did something wrong I reflected and fixed it. 

Some shoutouts I have are to Miss Quodling and Tim, for being such  good drama teachers for the grade, and improving our acting skills a lot. I would also like to shoutout to Leo, because he was really over the top (in a good way) when he was speaking to Eddie (me) and Bruce. 

Have you ever been in a play? What was it called? Who were you? 

Celebrations blog post

In this post, I’ll be talking about Halloween. Now, I may not be American, but I still enjoy getting candy. This year, I dressed up as 

grim reaper v

Now, I know that Halloween may go against some people’s traditions, but surely everyone enjoys a nice bucket ‘o’ candy! Although people sometimes put chocolate in, and they usually melt in Australia, but that doesn’t matter, because it’s more about the fun of going out with your friends and collecting the candy, not eating it. Halloween is special to me because for my family, it’s a time to catch up with friends, and have fun with your costumes. The reason for these traditions are: on the 25th of October, the spirits come out, and you dress up to look like the dead so that the spirits don’t know who’s who. The giving out candy part, I have no idea why they do that. Maybe people just added that part for some fun. If you have an idea on why we give out candy, answer in the comments. 

The 2nd year 5 camp of the year!

Last week on the 15th of October 2019, my class visited Toonalook. Toonalook is referred to as the heart of our school, because from year 5–10, we go there as a camp. As the years go by, we go for longer and longer, and have more and more activities to do. We are in year 5 at the moment, so this was our first year for all of us, not just everyone who was new to the school this year.

The food at camp was way better than all the other camps, because there weren’t as many people there, since we did it one class at a time. Before we ate any meal there, we had to say hi to jean. ‘Hygiene’ I thought we literally say hi, but it was actually to wash your hands, (as jean is a bottle of soap.)(*^_^*)These were the foods we had at camp:
Burritos, Burgers, and Lasagna. These were our dinners. Wraps, and sandwiches. They were our lunches. And for all our breakfasts, we had cereal and toast. But the for the last breakfast, we got eggs and hash browns!
That camp food was delicious! It makes me drool thinking about it! (Actually, I drool thinking about any food) 😛

The activities were really fun as well! We did some really active things, like the toona challenge, bike ride, photo rally(scavenger hunt), and kayaking. In the toona challenge, we did stuff like throwing a ball into a bucket(the ball kept bouncing out, so we put sand in the tub), carried that same ball on top of a cone/witches hat, rolled the ball on top of semi-tubes and then ran it back to the start. And we did some really ‘different’ ones like koala spotting, toona storm, and fishing. The koala spotting was really cool because we rode on the bikes to get to the place and then saw koalas with their little joeys! So cute! (≧▽≦) However different these activities are, they were all super dooper fun and really packed our days at Toonalook. ◉‿◉

Last of all, I’d like to thank the year 11s and outdoor-Ed staff for making the whole camp possible and organising all the camp activities.

What was your favourite camp? What was your favourite part about it?

My awesome avatar!

For the 2019 worldwide blogging challenge, it asked me to make an avatar. I’m new to blogging, so I needed to make one since I didn’t already have an avatar.

This is the version of me I created ^. I made this avatar on cartoonify.

What application did you use? What are some key features of your avatar?

Hard Road Ahead Reflection

This Term, (term 3) in integrated studies, we have focused on the 1850’s gold rush. In this gold rush unit, we have: gone to Sovereign hill where we stepped into the shoes of an 1850’s kid, created a diorama of Sovereign hill, coded a Sphero to give a tour of our mini Sovereign hill, made an exact map of our diorama with coordinates, and watched loads of texts about the Australian Gold Rush.

Some of the businesses in the 1850’s are: blacksmith, saddlery, banker, miner, chaplain, teacher, preacher, tailor, and redcoat.

For the diorama, we all were put in pairs, and needed to make a building for the diorama. My partner, Emilia, chose to do the church. I think our building turned out really well. We even made a little change on the sign to make it say Jin & Azzo’s Wesleyan church to really make it uniquely ours.

A very important event in the Gold Rush, was the Eureka Rebellion. The Eureka Rebellion was fought inside the Eureka stockade. The stockade was made of sharp spikes of wood. The war was between miners rebelling against unfair license fees, versus the redcoats following orders from Queen Victoria. About 21 miners and 7 redcoats died in the brutal, but brief battle. 

Some of the famous and important figures in the gold rush are: Peter Lalor, because he lead the Eureka rebellion, Edward Hargreaves, because he was pretty much the one who started the gold rush, because he spread the word about gold in Australia. 

Some of the important dates from the gold rush and around this time are: 7th of October, 1854, because this was when James Scobie died, 1851, because this was when the gold rush started. 

Some of the positive learner attributes I used to make the diorama were: resilience, when I stuffed up the frontal part of the church and couldn’t put the door on the side, reflection, when the first couple of chairs were a bit largely scaled, so I had to make them again, remembering to make them smaller, collaboration, when Emilia and I did different things at the same time to save time and get more stuff done, and knowledge, when I used what I knew about nets of 3D nets to make our triangular prism roof.

One of the challenges we faced was: having to redo the benches inside, and I overcame that problem by making some more.

One of my highlights from this unit was watching our diorama grow, and then comparing the first week of the diorama to the final product.

Some advice I would give to the next people to make the diorama would be to make the road as straight as possible, and don’t add too many turns, because the pin it is quite a challenge with the Sphero coding.

Something that I learnt about Emilia was that she is very good at cutting accurately, because she nailed the wallpaper. She is also really good with hot glue. I touched the hot glue about 10 times, whereas she didn’t touch it once!

Overall, I think this was the BEST UNIT EVER!!! I really enjoyed the camp, and it was really cool how we got ‘teleported back in time’ to the 1850’s and see what it was like those kids on the goldfields.

What has your favourite integrated unit been? Why do you say that?

Sphero tour

As you may have read from some of my previous blog posts, My class has gone to Sovereign hill and made a diorama of it. Once we made the diorama, we coded a sphero to roll through the streets of Mini Sovereign hill.

This top video is a video about my map of Sovereign hill:
And the bottom video is the sphero giving us a tour of our Sovereign hill city!

What do you think of the tour? What’s it interesting?